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Welcome on the website of the Romanian Embassy in the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Latvia! The main tasks of our Embassy are to represent Romania abroad and to achieve the foreign policy goals set by Romanian authorities. At the same time, the Embassy is protecting the interests of Romania and Romanian citizens in Lithuania and Latvia.

The Romanian Embassy works to strengthen the cooperation between Romania and Lithuania, on the one hand, and between Romania and Latvia, on the other hand, in the political, economic, cultural or consular areas, in order to increase the welfare and security of the Romanian people. In this respect, the Romanian Embassy develops bilateral relations with Lithuanian and Latvian officials, with representatives of business, academic, cultural circles and civil society in the two countries. As an EU and NATO member state, Romania cooperates in many fields with Lithuania and Latvia.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Romanian Embassy can organize various political, economic or cultural events in the two countries in cooperation with local authorities. At the same time, the Embassy supports and organizes visits of Romanian officials and various representatives of Romania in Lithuania and Latvia.

The Romanian Embassy supports the development of trade between Romania and the two Baltic states, the growth of the economic investments in Lithuania and Latvia and works to attract Lithuanian and Latvian investments in Romania. In this regard, it supports the Romanian economic companies to achieve their goals in relationships with Lithuanian and Latvian partners.

The Romanian Embassy is open to collaborate with individuals and companies in Lithuania and Latvia interested to cooperate with Romanian partners. Also, the Embassy invites the Lithuanian and Latvian citizens to discover the beautiful places of Romania.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any issues relating to the cooperation between our countries and peoples.

Farewell visits in Latvia


In the context of concluding his mission in Latvia, Dan Bălănescu, the Ambassador of Romania, paid two visits to the Latvian MFA and Parliament on 5 July 2019. On this occasion, he exchanged views on the bilateral relation with MFA State Secretary Andris…

Meeting of the Ambassador of Romania with Vice-Minister of National Defence, Giedrimas Jeglinskas


On 3 July 2019, the Ambassador of Romania, Dan Adrian Bălanescu, had a farewell meeting with the Vice-Minister of National Defence, Giedrimas Jeglinskas, in the context of ending his diplomatic mission in Vilnius. On this occasion, the two officials highlighted …